PEXc Underfloor Heating Pipe

PEXC pipe is a new type cross-linked PE pipe made with unique electron beam cross-linking technology. It has the general advantages of cross-linked PE pipe including excellent thermal and cold resistance, good stress crack resistance, long service life and high creep strength plus the unique advantages of uniform cross linkage, more stable product quality and excellent hygiene performance. It is widely used as the piping for hot and cold water supply system, low-temperature under-floor heating system, solar energy water heater and urban household high quality water supply system.
Heating pipe and pipe connector are two of the most sensitive seals within any system. Polycomfort compression and screwed connections have all been successfully tested to demostrate that the respective tolerances are optimally adjusted to one another to ensure safe and leek free connections.

PP-R Underfloor Heating Pipe

PP-R pipe is a new type of composite pipe ,has three layer structure, the intermediate layer is the composite material for increasing rigidity and strength. This new kind of pipe inherits hot melt connection for the ordinary PP-R, having characteristics of three-high and one-low as high strength, toughness, rigidity and low linear expansion coefficient, remedying the application limitation of ordinary PP-R pipe in the vertical, outer and hot water pipe.